Listed below is the collection of Resolutions enacted by the City since the beginning of time. Many of the older resolutions have been superceded by newer versions.
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Current Resolutions
Resolution 8-2008  
Resolution 6-2009  
Resolution 3-2010  
Resolution 4-2010  
Resolution 5-2010 
Resolution 1-2011  
Resolution 2-2011  
Resolution 3-2011  
Resolution 1-2012  
Resolution 2-2012  
Resolution 3-2012  
Resolution 4-2012  
Resolution 1-2013  
Resolution 2-2013  
Resolution 3-2013  
Resolution 1-2014  
Resolution 2-2014  
Resolution 3-2014  
Resolution 4-2014 
Resolution 5-2014  
Resolution 6-2014  
Resolution 7-2014  
Resolution Amendment to Ord.#166
Resolution Flood Plain Management 
Resolution Water Rates (1976)
Resolution Well Drilling in Clark Fork
Resolution 1-2015
Resolution 2-2015
Resolution 1-2016 
Resolution 2-2016
Resolution 3-2016 
Resolution 4-2016 
Resolution 5-2016
Resolution 1-2017 
Resolution 2-2017 
Resolution 3-2017
Resolution 4-2017
Resolution 5-2017
Resolution 1-2018
Resolution 2-2018 
Resolution 3-2018
Resolution 4-2018
Resolution 5-2018
Resolution 6-2018
Resolution 7-2018
Resolution 8-2018
Resolution 1-2019
Resolution 2-2019
Resolution 3-2019
Resolution 4-2019
Resolution 5-2019
Resolution 6-2019
Resolution 7-2019
Resolution 1-2020
Resolution 2-2020
Resolution 3-2020
Resolution 4-2020 
Resolution 5-2020
Resolution 6-2020
Resolution 7-2020
Resolution 8-2020 
Resolution 1-2021
Resolution 2-2021
Resolution 3-2021
Resolution 4-2021
Resolution 5-2021
Resolution 6-2021
Resolution 1-2022
Resolution 2-2022
Resolution 3-2022

 Older Resolutions
Resolution 01-89  
Resolution 02-89  
Resolution 1  
Resolution 1-2000  
Resolution 1-2001  
Resolution 1-2002  
Resolution 1-2003  
Resolution 1-2004  
Resolution 1-2005  
Resolution 1-2006  
Resolution 1-2007  
Resolution 1-2008  
Resolution 1-2009 
Resolution 1-2010  
Resolution 1-90 
Resolution 1-91  
Resolution 1-92 
Resolution 1-93  
Resolution 1-94  
Resolution 1-95  
Resolution 1-96  
Resolution 1-97  
Resolution 1-98  
Resolution 1-99  
Resolution 10-90  
Resolution 10  
Resolution 102  
Resolution 103 
Resolution 104  
Resolution 1985-2 
Resolution 1985-3 
Resolution 1985-4 
Resolution 1985-5 
Resolution 1986-1 
Resolution 1987
Resolution 1988-1  
Resolution 1 
Resolution 2  
Resolution 2-2000  
Resolution 2-2001 
Resolution 2-2002 
Resolution 2-2003  
Resolution 2-2005  
Resolution 2-2006  
Resolution 2-2007
Resolution 2-2008 
Resolution 2-2009  
Resolution 2-2010 
Resolution 2-90  
Resolution 2-91  
Resolution 2-92  
Resolution 2-93  
Resolution 2-94  
Resolution 2-95  
Resolution 2-96  
Resolution 2-97 
Resolution 2-98  
Resolution 2-99  
Resolution 3  
Resolution 3-2001  
Resolution 3-2002 
Resolution 3-2003  
Resolution 3-2005 
Resolution 3-2006  
Resolution 3-2007  
Resolution 3-2008  
Resolution 3-2009  
Resolution 3-90  
Resolution 3-91  
Resolution 3-92  
Resolution 3-93  
Resolution 3-94  
Resolution 3-95  
Resolution 3-96  
Resolution 3-97  
Resolution 3-98  
Resolution 3-99 
Resolution 4  
Resolution 4-2001  
Resolution 4-2002  
Resolution 4-2003  
Resolution 4-2006  
Resolution 4-2008  
Resolution 4-2009  
Resolution 4-90 
Resolution 4-91  
Resolution 4-93  
Resolution 4-94  
Resolution 4-95  
Resolution 4-96  
Resolution 4-97 
Resolution 4-98  
Resolution 4-99  
Resolution 5  
Resolution 5-2002  
Resolution 5-2006   
Resolution 5-2008 
Resolution 5-2009  
Resolution 5-90 
Resolution 5-93  
Resolution 5-96  
Resolution 5-97  
Resolution 5-98  
Resolution 5-99  
Resolution 6  
Resolution 6-2008  
Resolution 6-90  
Resolution 6-93  
Resolution 6-96  
Resolution 6-98  
Resolution 7  
Resolution 7-2008  
Resolution 7-90  
Resolution 7-93  
Resolution 7-96  
Resolution 7-98  
Resolution 8-90  
Resolution 8-93  
Resolution 86-1 
Resolution 86-2  
Resolution 87-1  
Resolution 87-2   
Resolution 87-3  
Resolution 87-3  
Resolution 87-4  
Resolution 9-90  
Resolution 9-93 
Resolution General City Election 11-8-77
Resolution Securing Loan  
Resolution Voiding Ord.#'s 120 & 121
Resolution Water Rent 51'
Resolution Water Rent 68'
Water User Charges & Connection Fees.pdf
Land Use Fees.pdf
Cemetery Fees.pdf
Bonner County All-Hazard Mitigation.pdf
Authorize Mayor to Sign Documents on Wastewater Grant.pdf
Fair Housing.pdf
Policy of Nondiscrimination on Basis of Disability.pdf
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
Water Charges & Connection Fees.pdf
Grievance Procedure for Disabilities Act (ADA).pdf
Parks & Rec Commission Mission Statement.pdf
Surplus Equipment.pdf
Parks & Rec Rules and Regulations.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Personnel Policy.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Animal Control Fees, Policies, & Procedures.pdf
Personnel Policy.pdf
Fire Suppression Agreement Rates, Charges, & Fees.pdf
Surplus Items.pdf
Hearing Procedures.pdf
Encroachment Authorization-PHI Center.pdf
Building Codes.pdf (1976)
Resolution Employee Annual Leave & Sick Leave 1978'.pdf
Resolution Flood Plain Management.pdf
Resolution Water Rates.pdf (1976)
Resolution Well Drilling in Clark Fork.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
DEQ Water Grant.pdf
Destruction of Semi-Permanant Records.pdf
Transfer of Permanent Records.pdf
Classification and Retention of Municipal Records.pdf
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
129K Truck Route.pdf
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
Opposing Agenda 21 /2030.pdf
Destruction of Semi-Permanant Records.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Adopting Comprehensive Plan.pdf
Fire Department Administration and Fees.pdf
Land-Use Fees.pdf
Records Custodian.pdf
Cemetery Fees.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Fire department MOU
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
Personnel Policy
Water Rates (Meter Installation)
Parks & Recreation (Replaces 1-2013)
Water Rates (Replaces 2-2019)
Animal Control Fees
Disposal of Surplus Equipment
Land Use Fees
Water User Rates
Declaration of Emergency Affirmation
Fire Department Fees
Fire Department Administration
Water Rate Fees
Land Use Fees
Equipment Surplus
Council Meetings Procedures
Personnel Policy
Land Use Fees
Water User Rates
Selection of Alternative for Water Facility Plan
Park & Rec Commission Meeting Procedures
Destruction of Semi-Permanent Records
IGG-APRES (Idaho Gems Grant Application Resolution)
Water Usage Rates

Opposition to Idaho House of Rep. Bill#294.pdf
Proposed Rerouting of US Highway 95.pdf
General Election 11-4-75.pdf
Destruction of Records by Burning.pdf
Avista Franchise Inflation Adjustment.pdf
Purchase of HUD House.pdf
Fireworks Permit Fee.pdf
Lease Property at 13 Bryan Drive.pdf
Approves Fire Dept. to leave City with Mutual Aid Agreement.pdf
Animal Control Fees.pdf
Fire Dept. Inspection Fees Outside City & Non-Subscriber Charges.pdf
Establish Administration of Fire Dept..pdf
Authorizing Mayor to Approve Purchase Orders.pdf
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
C. Cowely Represents C.F. on Bonner County Improvement Council.pdf
Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf
Local Emergency Response for Hazardous Substance Incidents.pdf
Contract Amendment with Waste Management.pdf
TINT Resolution.pdf
Assignment of Franchise from PP&L to WWP.pdf
Animal Licensing Fees.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Animal Control Fees, Policies & Procedures.pdf
Lightning Creek Emergency.pdf
Access to Public Records Policy.pdf
Water Pipe Thawing Machine.pdf
Use of City Hall.pdf
Use of Ball Diamond.pdf
Payment for Chlorinator from Water Fund.pdf
Approval of Summary of Ord.#183 for Publication.pdf
Canvass of Special Bond Election Held on 3-5-1985.pdf
Approval of Summary of Ord.#184 for Publication.pdf
Obtain Financing for Construction of City Water Project.pdf
Approval of Summary of Ord.#187 for Publication.pdf
Fair Housing.pdf
General City Election 11-6-79.pdf
Secure $3,500 Loan from Idaho 1st Nat'l Bank.pdf
Water Loan
Personnel Policy.pdf
Euthanasia of Impounded Animals.pdf
Authorize Installation of Water Tank with Pump.pdf
Rock Creek Mine-Impact on Water Quality.pdf
Authorizes Bonner County Amb. to Provide Service within City Limits.pdf
Fire Dept. Inspection Fees.pdf
Fire Dept. Inspection Fees -Outside City & Non-Subscriber Charges.pdf
Fire Suppression Rates, Charges, & Fees.pdf
Urging Congress to Select Idaho for F-35 Mission.pdf
C. Cowely Represents C.F. on Bonner County Improvement Council.pdf
Support Our Troops in the Persian Gulf.pdf
Add EEO Statement to Personnel Policy.pdf
Garbage Fees & Collection Date.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy.pdf
Animal Control Policies & Procedures.pdf
Authorizes Fire Dept. to Leave City Limits.pdf
Lightning Creek Emergency.pdf
Advance Warning Railroad Crossing Signs.pdf
Settlement of Civil Suit - J. White.pdf
Establishing Council Rules & Procedures.pdf
Cemetery Fees.pdf
Adoption of Clark Fork Comprehensive Plan.pdf
Fire Suppression Rates, Charges, & Fees.pdf
Water Charges & Connection Fees.pdf
Fire Suppression Rates, Charges, & Fees.pdf
Fees for Responding to Motor Vehicle Accidents.pdf
Fair Housing.pdf
General City Election 11-5-91.pdf
TINT Resolution.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Election Proclamation for 11-7-95 Election.pdf
Animal Control Policies & Procedures.pdf
Election Proclamatio for 11-4-97 Election.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
(Rescinded 6-14-99) Mileage Rate for Travel on City Business.pdf
General City Election 11-3-81.pdf
Election Proclamation for 11-6-01 Election.pdf
Encouraging the Cessation of Grass Field Burning.pdf
Transfer Cable Franchise.pdf
Approve Fire Suppression Service Agreements.pdf
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
Identity Theft Prevention Program.pdf
Residential Anti-Displacement & Relocation Assistance Plan.pdf
Surplus Equipment Sale.pdf
Seal Coat Contract.pdf
Support State General Revenue Sharing.pdf
Personnel Policy Changes.pdf
Comprehensive Plan.pdf
Animal Control Policies & Procedures.pdf
Liquor License Fees.pdf
Lightning Creek Emergency.pdf
General City Election 11-8-83.pdf
Establish Administration of Fire Dept..pdf
Classification & Retention of Municipal Records.pdf
Free Fire Subscription Service - Vol. Firefighters.pdf
Background Check Procedures.pdf
Joyce Pence Appointed ERO for Sr. Cntr Project.pdf
IWEP Contract Between C.F. & IDHW.pdf
Animal Control Policies & Procedures.pdf
Animal Control Fees, Policies, & Procedures.pdf
Animal Control Fees, ect..pdf
Personnel Policy.pdf
Assignment of Cable TV Franchise.pdf
Fire Suppression Rates, Charges, & Fees.pdf
Acquisition of Block Grant for Sr. Cntr Project.pdf
Water Rates.pdf
Animal Control Policies & Procedures.pdf
Agreement for Bond Counseling Service.pdf
Amends Resolution 6.pdf
Disposal of Surplus Equipment.pdf
City Excessive Force Policy.pdf
TINT Resolution.pdf
Animal Control Policies & Procedures.pdf
Lightning Creek Emergency.pdf
Surplus Equipment Salel.pdf
Election Proclamation for 11-2-93 Election.pdf
Approval of Summary of Ord. #86-1 for Publication.pdf
Bond Council Services.pdf
Approval of Summary of Ord.#189 for Publication.pdf
Approval of Agreement for Bond Council Services.pdf
Canvass of Special Bond Election.pdf
Summary of Ordinance #190.pdf
Authorize Sale of G.O. Bonds, Series 1987.pdf
Personnel Policy.pdf
Waste Management Contract.pdf
Resolution General City Election 11-8-77.pdf
Resolution Securing Loan - Idaho National Bank 78'.pdf
Resolution Voiding Clark Fork Ord.#'s 120 & 121.pdf
Resolution Water Rent 51'.pdf
Resolution Water Rent 68'.pdf 

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