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In 2017, the City of Clark Fork contracted with Ruen-Yeager for planning services to help update the City's Comprehensive Plan and Map. We have since retained their services to assist with a remodel of our new Zoning Ordinance so it fits with the Comp Plan.

Comprehensive Plan

In 2018, the City Council adopted the Comp Plan and map. This is an update from the 2008 plan. There were significant changes to the plan mostly due to statutory requirements which were enacted after the last update. 

The map was updated as a result of public input during open house meetings and workshops. Much of the residential area south of 4th Ave. was adjusted to reflect a new zone, named "mixed use". Mixed use combines commercial, residential and neighborhood commercial. The idea was to introduce more area for commercial businesses.  

2018 Comprehensive Plan


Zoning Ordinance

In 2019, the City Council adopted the Zoning Ordinance and map. This is an update from the previous ordinance passed in 2000. There were significant changes to the ordinance due to statutory requirements which were enacted after the last update and to the changes made in the Comp Plan of 2018. 

The map was updated to reflect the current zoning areas on an aerial view and parcel data of the City of Clark Fork. 

Ordinance 279 Zoning


Planning & Zoning Applications

Listed below are the applications required by the City.
Please contact the City if you have questions on any application or don't see what you are looking for. 

  • ANNEXATION - Required for any property or group of properties outside the City limits, who wish to connect to City services.
  • CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT - Required when a proposed use is conditionally or specifically permitted within a certain zoning district and will not be in conflict with the City's Comprehensive Plan.
  • SITE PLAN APPLICATION - COMMERCIAL - Used new non-residential reviews
  • ZONE CHANGE - Used for a zone change and is not in conflict with the Comprehensive Plan.
  • PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT - Used for large property development, typically involves mixed uses of residential and commercial applications.
  • SUBDIVISION - Required for splitting land from a single use to multiple uses.
  • PLOT PLAN - Used for drawing a sketch of the proposed application. 
  • VARIANCE APPLICATION - Required to request a use not physically possible within the confines of the ordinance. 
  • SITE PLAN APPLICATION - RESIDENTIAL - Used with the "Plot Plan" drawing, for a simple land proposal or structure.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PLAN CHANGE - Required to request a change in the interpretation of the current Comprehensive Plan .

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