Oldest Ordinances to 199

Listed below are a collection of active and inactive Ordinances for the City. 
Many of the older ordinances have been superceded (Repealed) by newer versions.
Please make sure you reference the most current Ordinance.
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Ordinance Title Ordinance Title
1991 Building Permits1991 Agrement W/
Bonner County
Ordinance #1-4 Creation of Boundaries,
Seal, Officers, & Meeting Place
Ordinance #7North Idaho & Montana PowerOrdinance #13Ordinance Violation Enforcement
Ordinance #17VagrancyOrdinance #19Disturbing the Peace
Ordinance #22Animal ControlOrdinance #25Intoxicating Liquors
Ordinance #26House of ProstitutionOrdinance #27Salary for Village Marshal
Ordinance #33Concealed WeaponsOrdinance #35Sidewalk Construction & Repair
Ordinance 37Water RatesOrdinance 57Water Rent
Ordinance 65Regulation of TrafficOrdinance 68Curfew for Minors
Ordinance 89-1Phosphorus ProductsOrdinance 91Investing in Securities
Ordinance 91-1BCSD #82 Alley VacationOrdinance 93Sale and Consumption of Beer
Ordinance 94Construction & Repair of SidewalksOrdinance 95Animal Control
Ordinance 99Property MaintenanceOrdinance 101Disorderly Persons
Ordinance 102Coin Operated Amusement DevicesOrdinance 104Regulating & Licensing of Liquor
Ordinance 105Punch BoardsOrdinance 107Water Improvements
Ordinance 108Sidewalk GradesOrdinance 109Fireworks
Ordinance 112License To Sell BeerOrdinance 113Coin Operated Amusement Device
Ordinance 114Licensing & Regulation of Card TablesOrdinance 115Public Health
Ordinance 116TaxicabsOrdinance 117Animal Control
Ordinance 118Coin Operated Music DevicesOrdinance 120Addition to Village Limits
Ordinance 121(same as 120)Ordinance 123Parking
Ordinance 124Card TablesOrdinance 126Amendment for Coin
Operated Amusement Devices
Ordinance 128Amendment for Coin
Operated Amusement Devices
Ordinance 129Vacation of Alley (Stephens St & 5th)
Ordinance 130Interference with Radio ReceptionOrdinance 137Establishment of Volunteer
Fire Department
Ordinance 141Pacific Power & Light CompanyOrdinance 143Civil Defense
Ordinance 150Water System BondOrdinance 151Sewage Collection & Disposal
Ordinance 153Curfew for MinorsOrdinance 154Animal Control
Ordinance 155Nuisance SolicitationOrdinance 156Traffic Laws
Ordinance 157Liquor & Beer LawsOrdinance 158Open Burning
Ordinance 159Violation PenaltiesOrdinance 160Salaries of Elected Officers
Ordinance 162Retail Sale of WineOrdinance 163Garbage, Rubbish, & Refuse
Ordinance 164Vacant LotsOrdinance 165Licensing of Gaming &
Music Devices
Ordinance 166Uniform Building Code 1973Ordinance 167Salaries of Elected Officers
Ordinance 168Rules of the RoadOrdinance 170Area of City Impact
Ordinance 171Animal ControlOrdinance 172Police Department
Ordinance 173Amended Area of City ImpactOrdinance 175Direct Legislation through
Initiative & Referendum
Ordinance 176Intent to Sell City DumpsiteOrdinance 177Amendment to Ord. #176
Ordinance 179Water RatesOrdinance 180Flood Plain Construction
Ordinance 181Regulating & Controlling TrafficOrdinance 182Sale & Consumption of Beer
Ordinance 183Water SystemOrdinance 184Water Revenue Bond
Ordinance 187Parity Lien Water Revenue BondOrdinance 189General Obligation Bonds,
Series 1987
Ordinance 190Issuance & Sale of General
Obligation Bonds, Series 1987
Ordinance 191Salaries of Elected Officials
Ordinance 193Building CodeOrdinance 197Garbage Regulation

Ordinance 200 To Current

The newest or most recent Ordinances are at the bottom of the list

Ordinance Title Ordinance Title
Ordinance 200Traffic & State OffensesOrdinance 202Repeal of Ord.# 33
Ordinance 203Repeal of Ord.#'s 171 &174Ordinance 205 Area of City Impact
Ordinance 205AArea of City Impact AgreementOrdinance 207 Animal Control
Ordinance 209Public SafetyOrdinance 210Salaries Elected Officials &
Repeal of Ord. 191, 191-1, 191-2
Ordinance 211Polling PlacesOrdinance 213Animal Control & Repeal of Ord.#207
Ordinance 214Water System &
Repeal of Ord.#'s 185, 190, & 198
Ordinance 215Alcohol Licensing
Ordinance 216Setback RequirementsOrdinance 218General Obligation Refunding Bonds
Ordinance 220Repeal of Sections 7.2-7.9 of Ord.#209Ordinance 221Street Extension
Ordinance 222ZoningOrdinance 223Subdivision
Ordinance 225Flood Damage PreventionOrdinance 226Avista Franchise
Ordinance 231Fire DepartmentOrdinance 232Cross Connection
Ordinance 233Fireworks & Repeal of Ord.#109Ordinance 235Cemetery
Ordinance 236Repealing Ord.#'s 94 & 158Ordinance 238Waste Management Franchise
Ordinance 241Amendment to Ord.#231Ordinance 242Hope Cable Television Franchise
Ordinance 243Open BurningOrdinance 245 Right of Way Vacation
Ordinance 246Animal Control & Repeal of Ord.#213Ordinance 246-1Amendment to Ord.#246
Ordinance 249Amendment to Ord.#214.pdfOrdinance 251Water
Ordinance 252MVA Response FeesOrdinance 253Salaries for Elected Officials
Ordinance 255Flood Damage PreventionOrdinance 256Cemetery
Ordinance 259Parks & Rec CommissionOrdinance 262Animal Control
Ordinance 263Supplemental Waste Mgmnt FranchiseOrdinance 264Salaries of Elected Officials
Ordinance 267Amending Ordinance 209 AlcoholOrdinance 268Avista Franchise
Ordinance 271Alley VacationOrdinance 273Amending Ord 256 Cemetery
Ordinance 275Land Use AppealOrdinance 267-1Amending Ord 209 Section 9
Ordinance 276Salaries of Elected OfficialsOrdinance 277Animal Control
Ordinance 279ZoningOrdinance 282Amending Zoning Map
Ordinance 283Garbage, Rubbish, & RefuseOrdinance 284Mailbox 
Ordinance 286 Bond ElectionOrdinance 287Amendment of Ord 279
Ordinance 288Flood Damage PreventionOrdinance 290Amended Appropriation FY 2021-22
Ordinance 291Water OrdinanceOrdinance 292Salaries of Elected Officials

Annual Appropriations Ordinances

Listed below are a collection of Appropriations Ordinances and
Amended Appropriations Ordinances  for the City. 
Click on any link to open a PDF copy.
You will need Adobe Reader or other compatable PDF reader to view files.

Links are for Fiscal Year Starting.


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