City Maintenance

We have a very capable maintenance department who keeps the City running. The job requires versatility to include street repair and plowing, water line repair, water quality monitoring and new connection installation, mowing & clearing the City parks and right-of-ways, animal control and finally repairs and maintenance of all vehicles and buildings. This crew does it all. 


Though the City is considered very small, we have 5.35 miles of asphalted road bed to maintain. This does not count alleys, which we have almost as many miles. They still require trimming brush and keeping clear for emergency vehicles. Alleys are not plowed in the winter, nor do we grade them. This is the responsibility of the property owner"s" who wish to use the alley for personal access.

Street Maintenance

Spring/Summer: We use a hot tar patch to fill cracks created by normal traffic wear and especially harsh winters that cause heaving. Crews work to keep vision triangles clear by trimming back trees and shrubs. 
Winters:  Are spent plowing and keeping berms moved back so the crew can plow the next time there is a snow event. Typically the roads get plowed when snow accumulation reaches 4 inches or more. Minimal salt is used and only with sand as a non-freeze agent in the sanders. Typically the intersections are heavily sanded, this allows the sand to carry down the streets to help aid in traction. 


The City has enacted Ordinance 284 regulating the use and placement of mail delivery boxes along the right-of-way inside City limits.
Click the link to download a copy of the "Local Highway Technical Assistance Council's Manual for the Location, Support and Mounting of Mailboxes, Updated 2020"
You should also obtain a copy of the "US Postal Service Standards for Mailboxes". 

Street Questions

Parking on any asphalted road surface is prohibited 24/7 as it blocks access to residents and emergency vehicles. Vehicles so blocking may be towed anytime.

The City does not have the resources to plow the alleys or grade the road surface. The limited width of alleys and the obstructions along many alleys make it hazardous to equipment and private property. Property owners who want to access the rear of their property have the responsibility to maintain travel access.

Maintenance will usually be plowing with 4+ inches of snow, depending on time of day. Parking on the R-O-W will result in a tow bill. Mailbox damage is the owner responsibility. 

Time and resources are limited and plowing everyone’s driveway or parking spot requires both along with fuel, maintenance, repairs, etc. The City maintains a list of businesses that you may contract to plow your drive. Damage to City water meter riser is the responsibility of the property owner, even if it was damaged by a contractor for hire or a friend or neighbor or other party doing a good deed at the owners request.

None mostly: The only salt used, is added to the sand to keep the sand from packing and freezing in the sanding bin.

Legally, nothing can be stored without the express approval from the City. Historically the City allows the parking of running vehicles as long as the vehicles are not parking or driving over the City water meters.


General Summary

The City's existing water system has approximately 44,000 feet of total piping with a reservoir which has approximately 120,000 gallons of storage.  According to the design information of the existing pump, the City can pump approximately 500 gallons of water per minute.
Based upon available archived records, the City has 300 gpm of ground water rights from the City's well and also over 2,000 gpm of surface water rights from Spring Creek. 
Currently the City is working on a Water System Upgrade. Click the link to learn more about the current status and what this project involves.

Water Systems Management, Incorporated (WSM) has been contracted by The City Of Clark Fork to manage  day-to-day operations of our public drinking water system.

About WSM: WSM works with regulatory agencies to assure general compliance with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations, provides consulting services and interface with District engineers.
    WSM is a small management company primarily providing Idaho State licensed operators, providing consulting services and managing compliance activities associated with public drinking water systems, wastewater systems, cross connection control inspections, and backflow prevention assembly testing.
    General services may be limited to substitute-responsible-charge operation all the way up to complete system operation including billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, regulatory correspondence, and other items that may be required during routine business management activities.
    Approved water/wastewater testing equipment, locating equipment, and automatic meter reading equipment is owned by the company. All equipment is calibrated as required and operated by trained operators.
    Although relatively small, WSM has contracted with privately owned systems, associations, districts, cities, the State of Idaho, and the Federal government to provide operation of water and wastewater systems and to provide locate services, backflow prevention assembly testing and
consulting services.

Additional Information can be obtained by contacting Bob Hanson at: 
 67 Wild Horse Trail
 Sandpoint, ID 83864
 (208) 265-4270 (phone/fax) (e-mail)

  1. Water Ordinance - Ordinance 251   
  2. Water Rate Resolution - Resolution 4-2021
  3. Application for Water connection- Application PDF
  4. Consumer Confidence Report- Click for CCR Report

Water FAQ

Water bills are sent out quarterly so expect to receive them around the 1st of month and are due by the 20th of every month.

The City sends out water bills on the 1st of the month. These bills are not considered late until after the 20th of that month. On the 21st day of the month there will be an additional $20 late fee added to the water bill for non-payment.

Maintenance flushes all the hydrants on the 3rd Friday of every month, weather permitting.


Animal Control FAQ

Yes, any owner of a dog over the age of six (6) months old must purchase an annual license with the City of Clark Fork and show proof of current rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

Exemption: Owners of dogs visiting within the City of Clark Fork for less than sixty(60) days are not required to license, but must show proof of current rabies vaccination.

Licensed animals impound fees are $25 per weekday (any part of a day Mon-Fri) .

Non-licensed animals impound fees are $50 per weekday (any part of a day Mon-Fri).

Holiday and weekends impound fees are $35 per day for both licensed & non-licensed.

208-266-1315 - after hours call or text Ben at 208-610-6877

Dog tags expire at the end of the calendar year, regardless of the purchase date. WHY? because there is a fixed cost associated with the purchase of tags and administration. 

According to the current ordinance, if you own, harbor, keep or maintain more than three adult dog or more than 3 adult cats, on any single parcel or aggregated parcel of real property, you shall require a kennel license.

Perfectly fine to use dogs as a commercial business, you will be required to have a commercial kennel license and follow the applicable rules outlined in the ordinance.

  1. Animal Control Ordinance - Ordinance 277  
  2. Fee Resolution for Animal Control - Resolution 6-2019  
  3. Kennel License Application - Click for Application

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