Water Facility Plan

Why do we need a new water system?

It may be out of your sight, but it is not out of the City's mind. Take a look at the possibilities.

We are asking for community involvement because in the end it is your water, so please send us any comments or suggestions to help us.

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Clark Fork Water System

Why we need a new system:

Current Piping

Existing system:
-  approximately 18,000 feet of Cast Iron piping
- approximately 7,200 feet of PVC 4” or less
- approximately 18,200 feet of PVC over 4”

International Fire Code

- minimum of 1,000 gpm for 60 minutes for residential 
- minimum of 1,500gpm for 120 minutes for commercial

General rule of thumb is a 4" line can only handle   approximately 550 gpm.


- approximately 32,000 feet of pipeline needs to be replaced (72% of the system)


Current Clark Fork Water System


9th Street Well Proposed Changes

See list of prices below:


North side of Clark Fork proposed pipe replacement

See list of prices below:


South side of Clark Fork proposed pipe replacement

See list of prices below:


System Improvement Needs:

- Approximately 32,000 feet of new PVC pipeline:   the distribution system is estimated to cost around $5.5 million (based on the preliminary cost estimates the distribution portion will need to be broken up into phases) and the well distribution line is estimated to cost $850,000        

 - New or additional storage capacity    

 - Water Treatment Facility


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110 East 3rd Ave.
Clark Fork, Idaho 83811

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