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Mike Schacht
Fire Chief

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Clark Fork Fire History

Established in 1958, Clark Fork Fire is a department of the City of Clark Fork and is an all-risk volunteer public safety organization staffed by up to 20 firefighters.

Effective January 1, 2007, the department commenced services to homeowners and landowners residing outside the Clark Fork City limits. The response area encompasses 77 square miles from Highway 200 just east of Denton Road and the Johnson Creek boat ramp area - generally eastward to the Montana border.

Our 24-hour emergency services include:
1. Structure and vegetation fire protection. 
2. Response to motor vehicle accidents.
3. Technical rescue, including vehicle extrication and water-ice rescue.
4. Emergency medical assistance to Clark Fork Ambulance.
5. General citizen assists.
6. Initial response to hazardous materials incidents.

Fee for services:

Motor Vehicle Accident Fees- Resolution 4-2020

In City Limits Inspection Fees - Resolution 4-2020

  1. Fire Department Ordinance- Ordinance 231
  2. Subscriber Fees Resolution - Resolution 4-2014
  3. Outside City Inspection & Non-Subscriber Fees Resolution- Resolution 4-2020

Subscription Services FAQ

Feel free to contact the City or Fire Department if you have other questions about subscription coverge. 
To see payment options,  Click on Payments tab at the top of page.

A fire subscription service is fire coverage provided by a fire agency to a property owner located outside the jurisdictional boundary of any fire district or department.  

Coverage is not a requirement for the owner unless their insurance or mortgage company requires it. If you do not live within a fire district, you are not covered. 

We will! When you sign up for subscription coverage with Clark Fork Fire, you may see responders from multiple jurisdictions. We have automatic-aid and mutual-aid with neighboring departments. Depending on your physical location, the other agencies may arrive on scene first. 

In most cases yes. When you have suppression coverage, the insurance company sees the benefit of less loss payout and the cost of the insurance premium savings is usually less than the subscription fees. 

Cost is based on the assessed valuation of the structure and/or land for which coverage in requested. As of this printing: The fee is .06% plus the annual base fee of $75.00.
$1.00 per acre is assessed if you want it covered.

If you live within the subscription boundaries you may apply for coverage at any time. You will need to submit the proper paperwork to the City for review. The review process also requires a site visit by the Fire Dept. to ensure ingress and egress for proper access, verify defensible space and map property for potential hazards.


Clark Fork Fire Personnel

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Jonathan Butler

Rich Harter

Clay Hemstalk

Chris Duke

Lois John

Kelly Kearns

Lydia Holloway

Timo Schacht

Wes John

Damon King

Nixon King

Vacant Position

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Vacant Position

Vacant Position

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Current Status: Fleet Info: etc.

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Do you want to join a professional team?

Download the attached application and submit it to the City.

Fire Department Sign up Application (Click this Link)


P.O. Box 10
110 East 3rd Ave.
Clark Fork, Idaho 83811

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8:00 am - Noon
Monday through Friday
Closed all Federal Holidays

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